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 Our service overview

Ein Buch in der Hand

Full report or market value report

The market value appraisal can be used in court and on authorities. This can be the case, for example, if you want to show "fair value". It also contains well-founded explanations on the valuation.

Beschäftigte Stadt

portfolio valuation

You have several properties and need an appraisal or an overall list of the market price that can be achieved under normal market conditions for all of them. The advantage You save costs compared to the individual assessment. For more information, please feel free to contact us.

Freundliches Gespräch

sales price determination

You want to sell your property and want to know beforehand whether it is worth it or how much you can expect. We will provide you with a detailed market price estimate for this purpose. Even if you are still looking for your own property, we are happy to support you. 

Richter und Hammer

party report

If you have a dispute about the value of a property and cannot agree on a value with the other party, then the appraisal will determine the actual value. 


short report

In the short report, a compact and easily understandable representation is used over a small number of pages. It's for private matterssuitable and is cheaper. However, this form does not replace a full report. 

Landwirtschaftliche Felder

property rights

Rights such as usufruct, right of residence, rights of way or many more can be found in the land register in Section II. These may need to be evaluated for the legislator or recipient. 


The report that is suitable for you should be considered individually. An initial consultation is usually sufficient.  However, it does not always have to be an expert opinion: Depending on the issue, the plausibility check of an existing expert opinion can be sufficient - or an expert opinion.

How does the process look like?



Just send us an email or request. We reply to you as fast as we can. You are also welcome to call us, if you cannot reach us, we will call you back. You can access our contact details via the button below. 


Initial consultation & Appointment

In our free initial consultation, we clarify your requirements for the appraisal, which documents are needed, the budget and when a date for the appraisal is suitable.


Sightseeing & preparation of expert opinions

At the agreed time, we will inspect the property together, clarify any questions and discuss how to proceed. As soon as all documents are complete and all data are available, we will prepare the report for you.  


Handover of expert opinion and 


After completion, you will receive the report for review and examination, as well as your documents. They check whether all questions have been answered or whether any new questions have arisen. 


final talk

Finally, we would be happy to arrange a personal appointment in which we can clarify any questions about the expert opinion or the circumstances determined in a final discussion. In this we also look forward about your feedback about our work. 

What documents do I need?

If any documents are missing, we will take care of the procurement for you, at no extra charge. 


Do you still have questions about property valuation?

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